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Today we’re looking at the legal blog of Tim Torres, attorney and counselor at law. This is another sole practitioner blog, and he isn’t always consistent about updating his blog. However, what he lacks in quantity, he makes up in quality, and he uses a few very savvy techniques that are improving the SEO of his blog.

The Law Office of Tim Torres practices law in Schertz and San Antonio, Texas and focuses their services on family law, military-administrative, personal injury, and general practice. Mr. Torres believes that the main purpose of his website should be to aid those in legal need with their problems, not generate leads. His pages follow-through on this promise by offering preventative law advice and even resources for fellow lawyers.

Mr. Torres’ blog features a nice, clean design that meshes well with the overall website. His updates very from more than once a month to once every few months, but they usually contain a generous amount of content and feature a very casual, colloquial voice that invites those who know little or nothing about law to read more.

Another great practice Mr. Torres engages in is providing plenty of links for his readers. He links to other websites, offering connections with great resources around the web. He also links to his own website and blog pages, which both guides visitors deeper into his site, and improves his overall SEO. The best thing about this practice is that it’s not purely SEO calculations; the links he offers are appropriate and genuinely helpful.

If you’re thinking of starting a legal blog, you might consider taking a look at Mr. Torres’. He offers great information with a relatable voice, and because of this, his interest in the well-being of others is shown. Call Law Promo today to implement your attorney blog.