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Blog of Patty Gill, PLC
As a continuing part of our lawyer blog series, we’re looking at the blog of Patty Gill, PLC. Patty Gill is a sole practitioner with a fairly active blog. In the recent past, she’s done a variety of interesting blog formats that can be replicated fairly easily for different attorneys in different practice areas. By studying her blog, you can make your own posts more interesting, increase your blog exposure, and give readers a reason to come back.

Patty Gill, PLC, is located in Richmond, Virginia and specializes in employment and labor law solutions. Her blog focuses on subjects like sexual harassment, union regulations, and interesting news in the labor law community. She writes in a clean and professional way that breaks down complex legal concepts, but remains professional and reserved.

Multiple-Part Blog Posts

Gill’s most recent post is titled: “How to Conduct a Sexual Harassment Investigation (Part 3): Interviewing Witnesses and Obtaining Other Evidence.” This is a great post for so many reasons, so let’s break it down one part at a time. Firstly, it is highly educational for a very specific group–namely, employers and HR departments. “How tos” are constantly being searched for on Google, and its a great way to make your article more search friendly.

Secondly, this article is useful to anyone who is working in a corporate environment. Even if the reader is an employee, they can still read on to see what is involved in a sexual harassment investigation and how an investigation might effect them.

Thirdly, as part of a series, it encourages readers to return to Gill’s blog and read more than one post. By spreading out the information this way, she encourages past readers to return for the full story, and hooks new readers, getting them to dig for parts 1 and 2. While they are digging, they’ll very likely read some of the other posts along the way and have a high opinion of the blog overall.

Commenting on Interesting News

In another post from early this year, Gill writes about a court ruling where an employer fired his employee for “irresistible attraction,” explaining that he was afraid he would begin an affair with his employee. This is an outrageous story and sure to catch any reader’s attention. Further, Gill provides enough details of the story that readers don’t leave her blog to look for more, and she also supplements the case with her own more realistic advice on the subject, grounding the article in practical reasoning. She conveniently titles this section “Employer’s Take Away,” explaining clearly how her post can be useful for her readers.

Guest Blogging

In the middle of last year, Gill used another blog format that we haven’t yet talked about: guest blogging. She wrote a guest post for, “Richmond Region’s Small-Business Solution Center.” This is a great way to network with other influences in your community. Notice that the website is extremely local, and targeted specifically at her client base. She provides a brief snippet of the article on her blog, then a link to the rest of the article. This is helpful to because it gives them more traffic, and the article there will give Gill an increase in visitors and business as well. The answers she wrote for the site are interesting and informative, and a great resource for any reader.

For more information, view the Patty Gill, PLC blog.