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This law firm provides plenty of useful information on their website that helps visitors and potential clients find the information they need to make a hiring decision. Like many law websites, the content there is considered lawyer marketing and certainly tends towards a certain tone.

For example, their most written article, written only a couple of months ago, goes into the specifics of successor liability. This is an important topic for small business owners who are having trouble with collections. The attorneys explain in a simple and straightforward way when successor companies are liable for the debts of its predecessor, and puts forth 4 basic questions to check when trying to answer this complicated question.

Highly specific, educational information like this may not have a place on your law firm’s website. This separation of content is a great reason for you to open a blog featuring your and your attorneys’ writing. You’ll prove your expertise and knowledge to potential clients, and become an expert in the online community. If you’re interested in an attorney blog for your website, contact Law Promo today.