Arizona Bankruptcy and Family Law Attorney Website Design

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Arizona attorneys website design

Let’s kick off this week by showcasing our newest attorney website design for our Arizona Bankruptcy and Family Law client!

When coming up with this design, our team wanted to create a mockup that would match complement our client’s dual practice areas. After some thought, our team decided on a color scheme of blue and white for the attorney web design. We placed appropriate images within the slider depicting our client’s areas of expertise.

We added a search feature for easy access to information as well as a contact form within the home page for visitors who need help or information immediately. There are buttons at the bottom of the main page content that helps link to more specific information and answers depending on the topic.

At the top left corner of this attorney website, we’ve added our client’s custom logo design. To the right, in matching font color, we’ve placed our client’s contact information, so that when visitor’s view the website, they will be immediately notice our client’s firm name and contact information. The design holds a more traditional form of content display. Rather than a full width website, the website features an almost paper like layout, but with a more modern color scheme and design elements. This touch of modernity will be enough to build trust in potential clients through it’s simple, professional design. It’s small features like these that truly make a difference.

This is just the first round of mockups, so we’re awaiting feedback from our client. We’re happy with the overall outcome of the design and will update you all once feedback is given!