Are You Doing It Right? Posting to Google+

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How to share posts on Google+

It’s a great way to build an online community and improve your website’s reputation. If you went out and started an account after that, great! But you might be wondering how to get talking with others and get people talking on your page. In this post, we’ll give you some tips on connecting with the rest of the community and turning that room full of crickets into an active and talkative base of followers.

Your Google+ is For Interaction
Community interaction is the first and most important goal of your Google+ account.

You might disagree. Isn’t Google+ where I blast updates about my company and our accomplishments? Shouldn’t my page be mostly about me?

Yes, that’s one important use of your Plus page. But power in Google+ is not only based on how many people you’re sharing information with, but also how many people are re-sharing, commenting, and talking with you. If you have thousands of followers and no discussion on your page, it looks suspicious—people wonder how you got so many followers that won’t say a word about your updates. Not only will a healthy amount of discussion make you more reputable in other people’s eyes, but it will also prove to Google that you are a credible person in your field. Since your Google+ account and website are linked (or at least they should be, Google will give your website more credence and boost its search engine ranking.

The only way to get people talking on your page is by creating posts to share with others.

Creating a Post

When you go to your Home page or your Profile page, at the very top will be a blank box that says, “Share what’s new…” Below it you can see 5 icons: Text, Photos, Link, Video, and Event. These are the 5 different kinds of things you can share.

Let’s say you are sharing a link, because this is one of the most common and useful things you can share with your community. It might be a link to your website or your blog, but it could also be a link to a useful resource you’ve found. Remember that nobody wants to interact with a person who only talks about him or herself. It doesn’t always have to be legal-related either. Everyone enjoys a few casual posts that give some detail about personal life and interests.

When you click the link button, you’ll have the opportunity to paste a link in the new box that appears. You can also paste the link directly in the “Share what’s new” area. You’ll see it load for a moment as Google finds the link you’re referring to. Once it’s done, the website description will appear in the linkbox.

Always Provide Context

Once you’ve done that, be sure to write a description in the text box. You have four lines to share with people—we recommend using the first line as a sort of attention-grabbing headline, then the next 3 to provide context and a reason for viewers to click through.

When you link to something without description, it’s much less likely that people will click through. They’ll see it as laziness on your part, and may be less willing to trust that the link is worth clicking for. Remember that the content you share reflects on your firm and yourself, and it’s up to you to convince people that you share useful information.

There are some handy things that you can do with you text to make it more fun to read. For example, if you surround a phrase with *asterisks*, it will appear in bold. If you want the text in italics, surround a phrase in _underscores_. For a strikethrough, use –hyphens-. Finally, you can tag people by adding a @ or + before typing their name, like +LawPromo.

Hashtags Matter

When you’re finished with that, be sure to add a hashtag to your post. Not only will that help you organize your posts, but it will also help strangers find your material. To add a hashtag, type something like “#criminaldefense” into the text box. If you only type “#criminal,” you’ll notice a dropdown appears that shows you hashtags that already exist. It’s usually best to give your post hashtags that already exist, since people are already searching those tags—however, if you have something unique that you think people might discuss further, feel free to start your own tag.

Sharing Your Post

Now, it’s time to choose who you’d like to share your post with. Click in the “To:” box. You’ll see a drop down of all your circles and communities. We recommend that at first, you share your posts with the public; anytime later you can re-share the same post with specific circles or communities. Just be sure not to do it too often! Nobody appreciates being spammed.

Once you’re ready, click the green Share button at the bottom left. Congratulations, your post has been shared! You’ll notice that any text decorations have now rendered. If you hover over anyone you tagged, their Google+ information will come up. Finally, the hashtags you added have appeared in the upper right. When you hover over them, you’ll notice that the hashtags you invented appear in black, while the hashtags that already exist appear in blue. If you click on the hashtags it will flip the card over, showing you other related tags, which you can explore if you wish.