A State-of-the-Art Design Upgrade for NY Community Lawyer

Categories: Website Launches.


Law Promo is pleased to announce the launch of the new website for The Law Office of Jack L. Lester, Esq.

The Law Office of Jack L. Lester is a litigation and advocacy firm with over 25 years of experience representing tenants, neighborhood associations, community groups, small businesses, co-ops and condo boards in preserving and protecting peoples’ legal rights in court and before Administrative Agencies. We encourage everyone to visit and explore the features of the robust new site: http://www.jacklesterlaw.com

Law Promo worked with The Law Office of Jack L. Lester on new graphics and streamlined navigation to make the new website easily accessible to all viewers.

Since 2004, Law Promo has been designing smart websites exclusively for law firms. With over 1,000 clients served, our clean, highly functional layouts instill confidence in visitors seeking reliable legal representation. Our talented designers work with you to create a website that reflects your firm’s ideals and philosophies, imparting professionalism with a creative flare. Contact us to see how Law Promo can boost your firm’s existing website.