Creating Brand Recognition and Consistency

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Consistent branding is essential when companies undertake marketing strategies and advertisement campaigns. Likewise, branding in your website is equally important. Your company’s online presence is now as integral – if not more – to your brand awareness as your company print materials, marketing plans and advertising. Web users should be able to immediately recognize your brand. Having a simple, consistent brand can help establish trust in users. Brand recognition should be consistent throughout various communication channels. From your social media presence, to your website, to something as simple as your company letterhead or promotional pamphlets, whatever the case, consistency between branding is important.

Examples of ways to brand online

Company Blog and Testimonials
Whenever possible, it is a good idea to include reviews and testimonials from customers and clients on your website to help enhance credibility. Having a company blog and regularly adding new posts is a great way to engage your audience and grow your online presence. Producing great content that is useful and informative for your audience is a key goal. Great content means people may visit your site repeatedly, plus, having a consistently updated blog helps with your search engine ranking.

Online Writing Style
When generating website content, try to avoid business jargon and industry-specific acronyms, as this may alienate site visitors not familiar with industry terms. Keep writing in your website simple and easy to follow. Because it is read online, keep paragraphs short and to the point. And it is always a good idea to break up long passages of copy with sub-headers. As with blogging, keeping website copy fresh and updated is great for improving search rankings as well.

Consistency in design and website details
The devil is in the details, as is said. When designing your website, pay attention to the seemingly little details. Often, even tweaking smalls details in a site can help reinforce your online brand.

  • Use font types and colors that match your logo and company brand and be consistent with their use across the site.
  • Pick two or three colors that match your branding and use them throughout the site rather than using a number of different colors.
  • Keep your company logo in the same location through the site and make the navigation the same as well. Users have grown accustomed to certain standard website standards of layout and expect to see it used consistently within sites.

Showcase and Online Portfolio
Another means to establishing trust in online visitors is including accomplishments and a portfolio of past experience. Listing past clients and accomplishments lends to credibility and is a great way to display your accreditation and other successes. Trust is essential to any online relationship and this can be great for your online brand. Another tip is when you draft the content for your “About page,” try to envision what a user wants rather than including extraneous content that users may not care to read. Stick to the essential facts: always put yourself in the perspective of the user and what he or she is looking for in the site.

This article gives you a brief introduction of some ways you can strengthen your online presence, and is by no means a complete list. Using these tips may help the user have a better experience on your site, which is never a bad idea. Visit the Law Promo blog for more posts on a variety of different web-related topics.