Law Promo Launches the Texas Litigation Attorney Website

Categories: Website Launches.

Law Promo Inc. is excited to announce the launch a brand-spankin’ new website for a Texas Litigation Attorney, based in Houston. This modest website design employs a lot of white space, and isn’t too busy – a good thing because this law firm takes on some serious cases.

The home page slider has a cool 3-D page-turn animation, using familiar photos of seaports, courthouses, and other familiar Houston locales. We put the testimonials and results front and center to show our client means business.

The next section contains pertinent information on the firm’s practice areas and the header font uses a straight-forward sans serif font which blends well into the section. Underneath, the accredited badges fit well into the section layout.

The “Results” category creates trust with the visitor by citing real cases, and how the firm settled in their clients favor. These serious cases range from vehicular manslaughter, mass shootings and even terrorist attacks – heavy subject matter that had to be balanced out by our light design.

Because one of the firm’s specialties is gun owner’s rights, we provided an NFA Trusts page to educate owners how to legally register their rifle suppressors with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. A convenient, mobile-friendly map of the United States shows the user where they can legally hunt with a suppressor, and where they need written permission to do so.

To check out the website, please visit