7 Questions to Ask Your Attorney Website Designer

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Choosing a web designer for your law firm can be an overwhelming and stressful process. Since web design isn’t location-based, you can choose from firms all over the world, and have a variety of options from your freelance neighbor to a cheap template site from a hosting website, to an exceedingly expensive one from a large firm. Each of these options is preferable depending on what your law firm has and needs. The following questions will help you access the strengths and weaknesses of each design firm and better compare them to each other.

What Is Your Design Process?

This is a large and very generic question, and there are a lot of different details you might want to ask about that fall under it. However, its good to ask this question first to see what each web designer focuses on as the main parts of their website design. For example, is there a lot of time spent on research or planning, or do they jump right into design? Most design firms have an initial stage of research, and will then begin creating drafts of your website. They’ll then turn these drafts into a functioning website that can be adjusted according.

Another important point is whether they’ll be using a standard template, or if your website is a customized design. At Law Promo we have both options available, depending on the client’s preference.

Understanding the different steps of web design will also help you understand the work that your designers are achieving. Although accessing websites is easy and quick, setting up a site takes plenty of work by knowledgeable professionals. How do they make their design decisions? Who will be doing the technical work?

What Do You Need From Me?

Now that you understand the process that the web team will be going through, its essential that you know how much work you have ahead of you. Its fairly standard that the client provides written content and images, in addition to occasional input about the web design. However many firms will also offer copy writing services or stock photos if you are interested in a less hands-on approach.

How Long Until I Can Launch My Website?

This is especially important for those who are on a deadline. If you’re looking to get your website up next week, you’ll be looking for a very specific kind of services. Ask the designer how long things usually take, and how you might speed things up if you’re in a hurry. At Law Promo, our project ETA depends heavily on client cooperation.

Who Owns the Design?

If you’re investing in a custom design for your law firm, then you should definitely own the design of the website. This means that if you choose to leave the designer’s services, you can take that design to any other hosting service, and still have it functioning. On a related note, you should also ask about what happens if you’re interested in leaving hosting and maintenance, and what sort of services they’ll provide to help your move.

What Does Your Maintenance Plan Include?

Most design firms offer maintenance services to help you keep your website updated. This includes things like hacker protection, content updates, and visual changes that you might request. Ask what sort of services they provide under their plan, and if there’s any limit to the changes you can make.

How Do You Charge?

There are two main ways that a web designers might charge you. They’ll either charge per project, or per hour. Make sure you understand which way they will be charging you, and decide if its better for you. Also look into how much they charge, and compare prices! Different designers will charge vastly different amounts, and through the other questions you will hopefully understand why. A template website is bound to be cheaper, but you’ll also be sacrificing a lot of the personality of a custom website. On the other hand, maybe you don’t need the extras that come with a more expensive price tag. Ask if they have a variety of packages and what those different services include.

Who Will I Be Speaking With?

Will you be speaking directly with the designers, or will you be talking to a customer service representative? Will the person you contact be the same every time and understand your project deeply, or will it be a new voice for each instance? Having a dedicated person to talk with you about your project is very helpful in getting the most out of your web design. At Law Promo, a single account executive will be responsible for overseeing every aspect of your web design, and will be your point of contact with the rest of the team.