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For over a decade, Law Promo’s parent company has been building high traffic websites for businesses and start-up firms. We’ve delivered thousands of projects to satisfied clients. For the past decade, we have focused our service on the legal field. Our experience working exclusively with legal professionals gives us expert insight into creating highly appealing and functioning websites specifically for law firms.
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Law Promo has been recognized for award-winning law firm website talent that incorporates the latest technology with fluid designs. Our company has a number of notable awards acknowledging our expertise in the web design community. Our team’s creative and fresh online legal marketing strategies are continuously chosen to receive prestigious industry accolades. These awards highlight the type of high-quality talent we seek out to create innovative law firm websites.

Although a visually appealing web design is an important component, there are several principles that go into effective web design, Law Promo has been extremely successful by focusing on them. These three include: visual design, information design, and usability design.
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A quick example of information design is in how you organize and format text on a page. Because people tend to skim through content on a screen, it’s much better to organize it with headings and subheadings, diagrams and visual hooks, and general variation for the eye. Techniques like these make the information on a page much easier to digest.
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Law Promo’s website design team continues to receive awards in recognition of our outstanding achievements in web design and interactive online marketing applicatione. Our award-winning staff will help you to boost your online presence in the legal community.

Our strength at Law Promo is the capacity to provide high quality yet affordable web design services to legal professionals.
We have extensive experience working with a large number of law firms, making it easy for you to establish a successful web presence and internet marketing campaign. Your website visitors will learn all about your fields of expertise, and that you are able to offer more personal, one-to-one client relationships than larger firms. We’ll work with you to establish a unique, marketable brand that will allow you to gain an advantage on the competition and take control of your local market. Law Promo’s collaborative design process ensures you will receive a law firm website that matches your needs and budget. Our company is made of a team of design professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the legal field, equipped to provide your firm the best solution in maintaining a quality web presence.