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Family Law Firm Case Study - The Law Offices of Mario J. Zappia

About the firm:

A divorce can be as simple as two people separating their furniture and dividing their bills to a complex mix of assets, high income and business interests. Through my many years of experience I can help you understand your divorce through the entire process and help you achieve the best possible outcome. I have teamed up with many professionals in the community such as CPAs, Psychologists and financial advisors to help provide the best possible outcomes for my clients. My job is not complete when your divorce is finalized. I am here to provide you with guidance for financial and estate planning to complete the process.

Web Design


The Zappia Law website is a beautifully designed responsive website. Each page of the site is broken down into three general sections, and the website takes into account the size of the screen when displayed on phones and tablets.

The header contains the firm’s logo on the left and contact information on the right. Below the address and phone numbers, links take site visitors to about or contact pages. The lower part of this header contains large icons and text symbolizing the firm’s different practice areas. This visual representation is a unique and enticing way of displaying the practice areas, differing greatly from the traditional list. It helps potential clients immediately understand what the firm specializes in, and provides easy access to the content they are seeking.

Below the header, a variety of presentations appear in the content area. On the homepage, a large, full width image slider provides visual appeal. On the other pages visitors can learn more about each practice area. Additionally, a contact form and payment portal have been integrated into the site.

On smaller screens, major features of this site include a header that sizes down to a toggle menu that slides in smoothly from the left, and a telephone icon that sticks to the bottom of the page and allows mobile users to call the firm with the touch of a button.

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