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Criminal Defense / DUI Law Firm Case Study - Seidman Law

About the firm:

If you are facing criminal charges, you want the strongest defense possible. You need an attorney who has practical courtroom and trial experience. Mr. Seidman is a former Lead prosecutor for the State of Florida. He has extensive jury and non-jury trial experience.

This familiarity in how a case is prosecuted allows you and Mr. Seidman to sit down and discuss the likely outcomes of your case and any potential effects the case could have on your future.

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This responsive law firm website features a clean design and efficient layout when viewed on both mobile devices and larger screens.

Shades of brown, grey and white work together to give a bold impression. The header features a unique and memorable logo, along with contact information. The navigation menu contains clearly labeled sections, with the “Practice Areas” tab featuring a drop-down and further slide-out submenus for clear organization and access. On smaller screens, the navigation bar fluidly transitions into a drop down menu, and the “Practice Area” section retains its organized submenus.

The content area features a sidebar of practice areas, which puts the organized drop-down feature to further use. Below the practice areas is a call-to-action for a free case evaluation, allowing visitors to easily get in touch with the firm.

A description of the firm and portrait of the attorney allow site visitors to quickly gain an overview of the firm. Included in the description is the firm’s contact number, which, if clicked on a mobile device, immediately connects the user with the firm. Social media icons round out the site in the footer, retaining the site’s colors.

This site is a great example of responsive design. Potential clients are able to view the site on any device, in any situation, and connect with the information they need. Furthermore, responsive design contributes to the website’s SEO and is in line with Google’s best practices.

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