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Intellectual Property Law Firm Case Study - Onu Law Firm

About the firm:

The Firm’s Intellectual Property Practice develops and implements strategies for the creation of new intellectual properties, and if necessary, litigates intellectual property disputes.

The Firm is well versed in intellectual property related matters, including disputes, transactions and counseling related to copyright, trademark, trade secret, and other intellectual property issues..

Desktop Website


The Onu Law Firm is based in San Francisco and the design team at Law Promo decided to focus on the city’s extravagant beauty. The home page in this minimal design features a rotating full page backdrop of high-resolution, breathtaking city scenes. Other pages include these images as their backgrounds.

The black and blue color scheme works well with the photography to create a cool, professional feel. The black page tabs and content boxes utilize opacity, so the photographs can still be somewhat seen.

The overall design for the site remains minimal, yet unique and effective. The tabs for the different pages are fixed in a single column on the left side of the page, allowing the photographs to make their impression. Each page gives an effective amount of information, but is not excessive. Practice areas, contact information and attorney profiles are all easily navigable. Even the social media buttons are cast in black, though they flash their themed colors upon hover.

This website is certainly non-traditional in the legal field, but still quite effective. Law Promo had a great time working with this client to think out of the box, and get our creative juices flowing.

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