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Personal Injury Law Firm Case Studies - Martin Law PLLC

About the firm:

MartinLaw PLLC is a Seattle personal injury law firm that was established for the sole purpose of helping injured people obtain justice and compensation for their injuries. We are a small firm by design as this allows us to be selective as to the cases we accept and then provide outstanding personal service on each and every case.

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Upon visiting the Martin Law website, users are greeted with a stunning night view of the Space Needle towering over downtown Seattle, where the firm is located.

This responsive law firm website features a blue and gold color scheme that couples nicely with the full-width background. The header contains a unique and clean logo, as well as clear contact information. Also in the header, a contact button sticks to the top of the page, so that visitors can send a message at any time.

Below the header are powerful slogans, and image links to the firm’s different practice areas. When hovering over the images, they shift into focus and the text highlights in yellow.

The content area features a brief firm overview, along with an appealing image of the attorney, so that potential clients can get an immediate sense of who they would be dealing with. To the left is a handy sidebar list of the different practice areas.

On smaller screens this site performs wonderfully, as the navigation menu changes to a sticky button in the upper-right corner, which slides in smoothly from the right when touched, and the content is rearranged to optimize layout.

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