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Law Firm Logo Design & Brand Identity by Law Promo

Law firm logos are an essential part of your business identify and branding efforts. Featured on your website, business cards, letterheads, signage and in advertisements, your logo will identify what your firm stands for. That visual image communicates who you are and what services you provide. A well designed logo demonstrates that your law firm is established, makes you memorable, and separates you from the competition.

Law Promo's legal logo design and brand identity design team is among the best in the business. Our diverse group of talented graphic designers have the ability to bring you a creative, memorable design that will resonate with your clients. Our logo designs are also discounted when purchased in conjunction with a law firm website design.

Professional Custom Law Firm Logo Design Services

Our experienced logo designers have created hundreds of successful law firm logos.
High quality legal logos are completely custom made to your specifications.
Our logo design team will provide you with a variety of concepts choices based on your answers to our initial design questions.
Immediate Results
You will have your initial logo concepts within five business days.
Universal Fuctionality
Logos are easily used for any purpose, and we'll provide the final logo to you in a set of common file formats, including vector files.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Our team will work with you through unlimited revisions on your logo concepts to ensure that we provide you with the perfect logo for your firm.

At Law Promo, law firm logo development does not begin until we have agreed upon both the image and functional criteria that should drive the design. The creative team at Law Promo blends inspiration, design skill and marketing expertise to create logo designs that perfectly reflect your legal brand.

Give your potential clients a branding to remember you by. Contact us today regarding a logo design for your firm.
Law Firm Web Deisgn


Law Firm Logo Design Portfolio

Below are some samples of the logo designs that we have created for our many law firm clients.

Mazzarella Law firm logo deisgn

Shipman Law firm logo deisgn

Ellis Law firm logo deisgn

Torry Law firm logo deisgn

KBB Law firm logo deisgn

TRF Law firm logo deisgn

SU Law firm logo

Galliano law firm logo

Mark Law firm logo deisgn

Meltzer law firm logo

Bryant law firm logo

law firm logo design

oren law firm logo

maisel law office logo deisgn

Ehrenberg Law firm logo deisgn

Bernstein Law firm logo deisgn

Bm Law firm logo

KGL Law firm logo

SWR Law firm logo

Miles Law firm logo

Richardson Law firm logo design


Marsh Logo

Doyle Law Firm Logo

Spencer Law Logo

Anahita Law Office Logo Design

Dobrin law firm logo design

Oneill law firm logo design

Coit law firm logo design

Clarke Law firm logo design

Rosenfeld law firm logo

Kimble PLLC lawyer logo

Manser law firm logo

smith Law firm logo deisgn

Marv Law firm logo deisgn

Walsh Law firm logo design

arnoff Law firm logo

oliver Law firm logo design


Za law firm logo

cromwell law firm logo

Edith law firm logo

Irving law firm logo design

Brown Law firm logo

Epstein Law firm logo design

Law office logo

cowan law firm logo design

Be Law firm logo

Perry Logo Design

Walker Law Firm Logo

Jen Logo Design

lawyer office logo


Armstong Law firm Logo Design

Vinson Law firm Logo

SCA Law firm Logo Design

Mulligan Law Office Logo

Law office logo




lismore law firm logo design


law firm brand logo

ham lawfirm logo

sherman lawfirm logo



attorney logo





White Law firm Logo Design

White Law firm Logo Design

MP Law Firm Logo Design

Quintin Law firm logo design

Law firm logo

weber Law firm logo

Burke Lawyer Logo Design

Arkell Law Firm Logo

BR Law Firm Logo

Simmon Law Office Logo

Duncan Law firm logo

Amuch Law Firm Logo Design

cromwell law firm logo design




law firm logo design




Insider Exclusive TV Show Logo


carson law logo






law firm logo 2

jef law firm logo


JJ law firm logo design

English law firm logo

logo design

Kumar law firm logo


Twersky Firm Logo Design

DF Law firm logo design

Ehrenpreis Law firm logo

Sel Law firm logo design

James Law firm logo

Abramson Law firm logo

Gal Law firm logo design

Peterson firm logo design

Barna firm logo design

Mosaic Immigration logo

Davis law firm logo

Houser law firm logo

NDJ law firm logo

Director law firm logo

Murphy law office logo

Koning law firm logo

Mann Lawyer Website Logo

Rabin law firm logo

Rebecca law firm logo

Hilbrich law firm logo

Sullivan law firm logo

Wade law logo

ST law firm logo

SF law firm logo

Reid law logo

Gill law firm logo

lawyer logo

Welsh law firm logo

Pere law firm

Mor law firm logo

IL law logo

falo law logo

law firm logo design

KVE law firm logo

Pollio law firm logo

Ken law firm logo

Ben law firm logo

NK law office logo

Reed logo

Law firm logo

Law firm logo design

Law firm logo design

Takao Logo

Shari logo design

Law firm logo design

Law firm logo design

LOKK Attonrney logo design

Law firm logo design

Lawyer logo design

Almon Logo

Law firm logo

Law firm logo deisgn

Legal logo deisgn

Ring Law office logo

law office logo

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