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Law Firm Website Redesign Case Study - Fletcher Tilton, P.C.

For large law firms, embarking on a law firm redesign can be a daunting and even overwhelming task. As a sizeable business with an established record of success, your website is likely generating a considerable portion of your incoming clients. Plus, most large law firms have websites with over 50 pages and a complex interior page structure. Entrusting this project to a professional web design company is no small task, and requires plenty of research. At Law Promo we understand the various constraints and requirements of a large law firm website, which is why we’ve compiled this case study of one of our recent large law firm clients to demonstrate our web design capabilities.

About Fletcher Tilton

Fletcher Tilton PC is a law firm with over 190 years history and has offices in Worcester, Framingham and Hyannis, Massachusetts. They serve clients ranging from individuals to large corporations in a variety of industries and practice areas, and pride themselves on the high quality of interpersonal relationships they develop with their clients. Those represented by Fletcher Tilton have received a level of excellence that can only be expected at a company with so much tradition and experience.

Original Website – Assessing the Problems

Fletcher Tilton approached us with several aspects of their original website that they found problematic. We discussed the project carefully with them to ensure we understood every issue with their current design.


The first and most obvious issue they identified was that their website was simply outdated. With its small, cramped layout, expired visual choices and bland color scheme, the website conveyed a small, unprofessional tone that didn’t fit the very established and successful business it was intended to represent. They identified that their website was injuring their potential online sales, and came to us looking for an update.

Lack of Decisive Visual Voice

Although the content on the pages of their original website was strong, they felt that the layout and organization of their interior structure could be improved. The home page was lacking any call to action or strong visual elements that would move visitors towards more specific pages, and the organization made it difficult for potential clients to find the information they were looking for. They hoped for a new look that would strengthen their content rather than weaken it.

New Website – Solutions Found

After extensive design brainstorming, feedback, coding and polishing, Fletcher Tilton now have a website they are proud of. We worked very closely with them to be sure that their vision was realized in the redesign, and we’re proud of the clean, professional website that resulted. Here are a few aspects of the new website worth noting:

Contemporary Web Design

Where the old site was bland and cluttered, our new design is sharp, with a bold color contrast of white and dark teal and accents of black, bringing the website a modern and savvy appeal appropriate for a company of its size. The amount of content on the home page is minimized, bringing attention to the strong visual elements of the header image and the images along the bottom that guide visitors to more in-depth information. By providing a simple landing page for potential clients, the important parts of the site are allowed to demonstrate the qualities of the firm more clearly.

Improved Organization

Fletcher Tilton knew exactly how they wanted their information to be laid out, and we worked hard to make the website as close to their plan as possible. The information in the pages is much more in depth, and the overall structure is more intuitive for potential clients. For example, the practice areas are divided into more specific and helpful categories, and an industries section was added to display the firm’s work within specific fields. The Professionals page also got a sizeable makeover, allowing visitors to see all important information about an attorney at first glance, as well as providing more in depth information on each attorney’s personal page. From there, interested parties can look into each attorney’s practice area to receive even more information about their services.

Original Website

Redesigned Website

Advanced CMS-Based System

All our websites are built using Joomla, a simple-to-use and greatly customizable CMS, or content management system. Using the easy interface, Fletcher Tilton will be able to make quick content adjustments on their own, allowing for flexibility in their online content. They can now update their website as often as they like—or have our on-call representatives make the changes for them, anytime. Our websites are built to simplify the web for law firms in every way, and our standard CMS is an important part of that.

With the joint efforts of Fletcher Tilton and our team at Law Promo, this large law firm now has an impressive website that immediately conveys the professionalism of the Fletcher Tilton name. Clean, simple and intuitive, it increases the quality of every potential client’s visit and improves the information available for anyone to see.

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