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Intellectual Property Law Firm Case Study - Lapple IP Law, P.C.

About the firm:

Lapple IP Law, P.C. is dedicated to helping small and mid-sized companies navigate the complexities of intellectual property law.

We believe that intellectual property matters to small and mid-sized companies for the same reasons that patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets matter to Fortune 500 companies: A great idea can be worth millions, but the failure to protect an invention and understand a competitor’s intellectual property can slash a company’s bottom line.

Lapple IP Law, P.C. believes that intellectual property matters to your business. We take pride in representing you and defending your company against allegations of infringement. We provide your business with outstanding and quality service and with the same resources as a large firm. Principle attorney Matt Lapple encompasses all aspects of intellectual property and is here to discuss your questions and concerns. Contact Lapple IP Law, P.C. today!

Web Design

For this website, the design team at Law Promo decided on a simple color scheme of grey, white and burgundy. The colors are integrated in the creative logo, helping to unify the site as a whole. Besides the logo are the address and contact information for the firm.

The slider features several different images with the slogan “Intellectual Property Matters”, an encouraging slogan that also appears in the content area. The navigation bar features a striated background, giving a subtle design flare. The different pages of the website are clearly represented with labeled tabs.

The content area features a firm overview that helps potential clients better understand what the firm can do for them. This is reinforced with a side menu that lists the firm’s many practice areas.

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