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Start-up Law Firm Case Study - Khazov, Kashkin & Part

About the firm:

Khazov, Kashkin & Partners was founded in 2012 to provide efficient and creative legal services for domestic and foreign companies operating in Russia.

The founding partners Alexander Khazov and Roman Kashkin began their careers in the St. Petersburg Prosecutor's office, as investigator of serious economical crimes and prosecutor of department of civil affairs. Mr. Kashkin also served as the head of the district department of the important Investigation Committee of Russia, the organization responsible for the most important investigations.

Desktop Website

Upon visiting the Khazov, Kashkin & Partners website, visitors are immediately pulled in by the full-screen, high resolution background image of a beautiful courthouse. The light blue of the sky fades away into white, going excellently with the white and blue used throughout the rest of the site.

The top of the page contains the unique, appealing firm logo, and contact information for the firm’s office in Russia. An opaque gray navigation bar runs full width across the screen, allowing potential clients to quickly and easily access the information most relevant to them, while retaining the visibility of the impressive background.

The slogan, encapsulated in white box, shifts to blue on hover and invites visitors to learn more about the firm. Scrolling down, clients can read more about the firm, and see their specialized practice areas. Additionally, the contact form on the right lets interested parties send the firm a message immediately.

The footer contains the logo and social media buttons, as well as a scroll button that smoothly returns users to the top of the page when clicked.

A fantastic thing about this website is that it is bilingual: buttons in the header of the page allow users to view the website in English or Russian. This website is a great example of how Law Promo can help your firm no matter where you are located. We have crafted custom websites for clients around the world.

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