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Law Firm Website Redesign Case Study - Houser & Allison, APC

Houser & Allison is a commercial and business litigation law firm serving Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses. The firm maintains a competitive advantage by retaining experienced attorneys dedicated to providing superior legal service to each of their clients.

Houser & Allison approached Law Promo in 2010 seeking a new and improved web presense. The newly redesigned website features a modern, professional and corporate feel with highly improved functionality and navigation. Law Promo was also able to provide onsite photography services, which includes all attorney photography featured on the new firm website.

Original Website

Houser & Allison’s previous site was dated, with a dull design and inefficient navigation. The large firm employed a number of legal professionals, but finding them in their database was confusing and difficult.

In consulting with the firm, Law Promo proposed solutions not only to the website’s outdated appearance, but also an improved navigational system, as well as a number of other structural and technological improvements.

Redesigned Website

The new website features a wide, appealing header with a vibrant image and corporate feel. A simple, vastly improved logo gives the firm a much cleaner and professional image. An expanded navigation menu offers more options, and a search field allows users to enter any query, whereas before they were required to select from a drop down menu.

The content section has been broken down into four easy to read sections, including a firm overview, a section dedicated to recent firm news, and industry news section that scrolls the latest stories from a number of external sites, and a publications area.

Additionally, Law Promo was able to restructure the Attorney database, allowing users to search for an attorney alphabetically, by name or location, much improved over the old method.

Just because you are a large firm doesn’t mean your website is the best it can be. Law Promo worked with Houser Law to create a new, more visually appealing and efficient website that allows clients to connect with them easier than ever before.

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