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Intellectual Property Law Firm Case Study - Hahn & Voight PLLC

About the firm:

Hahn & Voight PLLC is a full-service intellectual property law firm with expertise in a wide range of intellectual property activities, such as licensing, due diligence efforts associated with the acquisition of intellectual property rights from third parties, legal opinions, and general counseling. We offer leadership to our clients in protecting inventions in chemical, pharmaceutical/biomedical, electrical and mechanical technologies. We also provide professional guidance in developing, managing and licensing patent and trademark portfolios.

We hold three main goals for the highest quality when we work with you. Our clients are our number one priority and client satisfaction is what we aim to be the best at. We value our client's time and know there is more to intellectual property than filed lawsuits and patent applications. At Hahn & Voight PLLC, our commitment in providing clients with outstanding service in any area of intellectual property law is second to none.

Web Design

Hahn & Voight is a law firm that specializes in intellectual property cases. In the header there is a custom logo and a navigation bar to the right that allows visitors to access the different areas of the site. Shades of brown and black give the website a kind of earthy tone.

The firm specializes in patent, trademark and copyright issues for clients in the chemical, mechanical engineering, biotech, software, pharmaceutical and electrical engineering fields, and the image slider reflects this, dedicating a different slide to each category.

The content area is broken into columns that allow potential clients to view recent news and get an overview of the site. The Facebook and Twitter logos also appear. The other pages are also broken into columns, retaining a kind of continuity for the website.

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