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Content Management System Tutorial

Welcome to a tutorial on the basics of Law Promo's content management system. Our websites are built on a modified version of Joomla, the popular and award-winning CMS. In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to log into your website's administrative backend and make text edits to the pages.

A reminder - if you have a maintenance plan with Law Promo, you have the option to simply email us with any website content changes to be made, rather than making them yourself. Please let us know if you would like any assistance in the maintenance of your website.

Logging In


In order to log in to the administrative backend of your website, you will need the login information sent to you with this tutorial link. The administrative section of your website is located at the following URL:

Admin Homepage


Once you have logged in with your username and password, you will be presented with the Admin Homepage. Obviously there are a lot of functions here. However, for the purposes of the tutorial we will only be focusing on one area, the Article Manager. In order to reach the article manager, click on the Articles tab near the top of the screen, located next to Dashboard and Menus.

Article Manager


The article manager contains links to all of the articles on your website. Articles are the text that appears in the Main Content Area of each page on your site. In order to access and edit the text on a page, simply click on the corresponding article title. This will open the Article Editor for that article.

Main Content Area


The area outlined in red is the Main Content Area on the frontend of a typical Law Promo website. This is where the article text for each page is displayed.

Article Editor


Back in the website's administrative section, we have clicked on an article title and have now been taken to the Article Editor screen. This is where you may make changes to the text that displays on this page, and the process is similar to using a word processor.

Save, Apply & Close

At the top right of the screen, you will see three important buttons: save, apply, and close.


Save will save any changes you have made to the article and then exit back to the Article Manager screen.

Apply will save any changes you have made to the article and will then keep you on the Article Editor screen. This is useful if you would like to check the frontend of the website while making changes to see exactly how your changes look on the site.

Close will exit back to the Article Manager screen without saving any of your changes. This is useful if you have accidentally made some changes that you would like to undo.

Note: any changes you save in the Article Editor screen take effect immediately on the website's frontend and are not reversable.

Editor Icons

Directly above the text of your article, you will see four rows of icons, some of which should be familiar from word processing.


These icons allow you to format the text below, with options such as bold, italicize, align, font color, and bulleted lists. For information on each icon, hover your mouse over it. You will likely end up using only a few of these functions.

Note: if you are familiar with HTML, you can click on the [show/hide] link to disable this editor and view your article in HTML code instead.

Two of the above icons are highlighted - these are the insert/edit link and unlink icons. More on them below.

Creating / Deleting A Link

In order to create a link within your article, you will first need to highlight some text. This text will act as anchor text - that is, the text that a website user will be clicking on to activate your link. Once you have some text highlighted, the insert/edit link icon (fourth row, chain link icon highlighted above) will become clickable. Once clicked, this icon will open the link creation screen.


Simply place the URL of the website page that you would like to link to in the URL field, and click insert. You have now created a link, and should see the link text as blue and underlined in the article editor.

In order to delete a link, highlight the link text and click on the unlink icon (top row, breaking chain icon highlighted above). Your link has now been removed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't I see my website's homepage in the Article Manager?

Some website homepages are more complex in format and must be built in code. This type of page is best updated by a web design professional, and if your website's hompeage is not visible in the Article Manager we would recommend that you request any changes to your homepage through your maintenance plan.

How do I add or remove pages from my website?

Learning to add or remove pages requires further training as the exact process differs from website to website. Please inquire if you would like to schedule a phone tutorial, or feel free to request these changes through your maintenance plan.

How do I edit the other areas of my website?

Editing these areas usually involves graphic design work or working with code, and would best be done by a web design professional. We would recommend requesting these changes through your maintenance plan.

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