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The internet has rapidly altered how the business world works today. Reliance on the internet is aggresively increasing, as trends indicate people will soon rely solely on technological devices for news, information, and browsing. With more than 80% of the current population searching online for legal representation, your website will likely be the first resort for potential clients seeking legal services.

Websites Are a Necessity

As a business tool, a website is comparable to having a 24-hour digital brochure. It is always available for potential clients to check out your services and have questions answered without having to rely on normal 8-5 hours. Based on Allurent's study on law firms, those who had websites were able to grab more potential clients strictly through exposure online. Companies lacking a web presence were likely to lose more than half of their potential customers. Without sufficient information about your law firm, lawyers, and services, a client will simply opt for another company displaying more appeal and credibility.

People Look for Services on the Internet

Based on consumer reports, 91% of Americans would rather shop for products and services online. This is a prime example how a website can be a vital asset to your law firm, gaining you valuable exposure in the online legal community. Your law firm must recognize there is a very strong chance competitors already have an established online identity. Having a website allows you to extend your clientele beyond the local area, while maintaining reasonable proximity. Your website will become another means of communication between your existing or prospective clients, allowing you to grow your business and stay one step ahead of the competition.

The Internet Makes Information Easy to Find

Brochures and business cards are great for face-to-face interactions, but are also easily misplaced, forgotten or thrown in the trash. A website is convenient, always accesible and easily accommodates all of your contact information and more. Information on the web can also play a big role in your law firm's credibility. We all know first impressions are important, and in the legal field they gain or lose you clients. Law Promo's websites provide a professional look that show potential clients you have the skills neccessary in representing them.

Online Advertising is Growing

The Interactive Advertising Bureau reports the online advertising market is expecting huge growth in coming years. Online advertising spending could exceed $32 billion. The latest report released in 2014 showed that the total amount spent on internet advertising grew 15% to $27 billion during that year.

Internet Advertising is Cost-Effective

As consumers continue spending time online, your website will be an affordable means of advertising. A website can easily include more information than any commercial or newspaper ad. As web technology further develops, this form of advertising can accommodate a wider target audience. Additionally, Law Promo's first-rate content management system allows for frequent updates that keep your information current. Those with a limited budget, like start-ups, can benefit from our one-time-only fee for website setup. Our marketing tools and techniques come at an affordable fee, allowing you to maintain a viable online presence.

Building Relationships and Giving Clients Options

Developing an online presence allows increased value of your business by forging relationships with customers through website contact and other venues like emails, blogs, or newsletters. This allows clients to stay in touch and up-to-date with things happening inside the firm. With readily accessible forms of communication and steady contact, potential and existing clients are more likely to retain your services.

SEO Should be a Priority

You may be wondering the importance of SEO. In a nutshell, good SEO is a fantastic solution for boosting your firm's business. Many law firms think simply creating a website will be enough to increase case-leads. The truth is, SEO is a key component in successfully builiding an online identity. The internet is an increasingly popular means for people to find legal services, and utilizing effective SEO will find you new clients and save you money in the long-term. Younger, tech-savvy clientele no longer use the Yellow Pages to search for businesses. Yahoo, Google, and Bing are the three leading search engines and climbing to the top of these increases online traffic and creates more opportunities. A top-ranking spot should be the highest priority for your law firm's website.

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