Designing Websites for Start-Up Law Firms

Designing web pages for start-up law firms is our specialty. Establishing a new practice requires much time and effort. Law Promo has experience building web sites and marketing new attorneys and legal services through the internet. Hiring us to build and maintain a high quality website reduces the workload of your staff and ensures a professional quality product to match competing law firms. A professional design team like ours create navigable web site which attract potential clients, raise profits and free your staff to research cases or prepare for court.

Formulate Branding for Legal Services

Design Clean, Professional, and Unique Websites For Each Attorney

Utilize SEO Marketing to Contact New Clientele

Organize Internet Marketing Campaigns

Our experienced law firm website design, in combination with SEO services, makes us the perfect legal services digital marketing company for start-up law firms.

Designing and Marketing Websites for Lawyers and Law Firms

Creating a webpage is an effective way for new clients to discover a start-up legal services company.

Alternative Dispute Resolution – Mediation

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Small business owners are constantly evaluating new ways in which to control costs, reduce overhead, and increase profits. Unfortunately, disputes are an inevitable consequence of operating a business and sometimes this results in costly litigation. However, given the fact that roughly 95% of all lawsuits eventually settle, it is important to consider your cost-saving alternatives before rushing to the courthouse.

Alternative Dispute Resolution generally refers to either Arbitration or Mediation. Arbitration is generally the more formal of the two and is usually associated with a binding ruling. On the other hand, Mediation is usually non-binding and much less formal, often held in a conference room setting. This discussion will focus on the process of Mediation.

Online Lawyer Video Marketing

web_lp assists law firms with their internet legal marketing strategy by creating many successful national and local TV/Radio and business print media opportunities for our clients. This new, interactive and OnDemand network is an easy to use interface designed for the legal realm. We work very closely with a PR firm that deals exclusively within the legal field and deals with all of the major newspapers and broadcasters who are constantly looking for new stories.

Online videos combine the sensory attraction of television advertisements with interactivity of the world wide web. Videos hosting costs vary per site, but are by and large affordable. Some of our clients take advantage of YouTube’s free hosting service by uploading the video to their server and embedding it on their own website. Legal Marketing Services search engine optimization team guides our clients through the keyword selection process for their YouTube videos to enhance their visibility. The team also markets the video through our network of legal blogs and connections with public relations firms.

Our content writing team collaborates with the search engine optimizers in other ways as well. Any content written for our client’s web pages undergoes an additional revisions process which evaluates the placement, density and pertinence of keywords. Major search engines design programs called web crawlers which analyze the source code on each website to determine its spot in search engine results.

Law Promo Will Transform Your Law Firm Web Presence.

Are you experiencing a web traffic drought? If so, can you easily shift through the information and figure out why? Are potential customers missing your site? Perhaps your webpage is not easy navigable because pertinent information is buried and hard for your visitors to obtain? When was the last time you updated your content?

Let us help you.
Another one of our specialties is updating aging websites or no rebooting sites that no longer produce the results your law firm needs. Unless your site is on the front page in search rankings and regularly provides leads for your law firm, your legal services company is not utilizing the internet as efficiently as possible. Law Promo prides itself on its success redesigning existing lawyer websites so that they express the law firm most effectively and dramatically increasing productivity, using cutting edge search engine optimization techniques, the latest Web 2.0 gadgets, flash animation, legal videos, and other features to enhance your website. 
We provide these additional features to website redesigns contacts:

Information architecture: organizes your law firms information efficiently

Search engine optimization: raising your attorney web site on search engines

Content management system: translate information for the technology unadept

Analytics tools: measure site traffic to ensure results

Hosting and maintenance: secure and reliable hosting with speedy content updates for your webpage

Full editorial services: copywriting, multimedia editing

Sole Practitioner Website Design

Being your own boss is liberating. And hard. That’s why our team at Law Promo wants to help make sure that you have access to a website design that is affordable. With sole practitioners in mind, we’ve crafted and designed many website designs that is shown to boost your revenue. Attorneys at bigger firms spend most of their time in court, where they’re most comfortable. As a sole practitioner, the joys of practicing law are mixed with the unfamiliar, and perhaps unwanted, tasks of managing a business.

Being a sole practitioner doesn’t mean you have to be alone. With Law Promo’s team on your side setting up a beautiful website you’ll never have to feel alone again. We’ll make your brand visible so you can maximize your clientele. Let us build up your business and provide you with a website design that reflects the commitment of law practice. Our team will help you to carve out a place against your competitors and gain more exposure for you. Use your time to focus on your clients. We’ll worry about the rest.

Why Law Firms Need The Web

Nearly 80-percent of U.S. residents are connected to the internet, making the web an undervalued tool for reaching new clientele. Law firms with easily navigable web pages increase their business as customers now seek out attorneys through smart phones or tablet computers the second the need arises. Clients have gone from distrusting legal professionals with heavy web presences to viewing those without a web presence as potentially dubious in nature. A well formulated website is no longer an add-on, but a necessity for legal professionals.

Websites are a Necessity 
According to Technorati’s annual State of the Blogosphere Report, the average blogger earns close to a living wage. Unlike unprofessional websites managed by typically untrained free-writers, our company actively manages websites we design to realize their internet business potential and draw clients who are already looking for their services. 
The Rise of Internet Shopping 
Increased use of websites like and Ebay lead The United Kingdom’s Office of Fair Trading to research internet shopping practices. Ignoring the internet market is no longer an option for career lawyers and law firms.
The Internet Provides Accessible Information 
A recent Awo Inc study found that less than one fifth of Americans have difficulty finding an attorney when searching for a professional to best represent their case. The majority of potential clients don’t know where to find legal information. An informative website puts information in the hands of potential customers and illustrate that your law firm has the experience and professional manner needed to handle their cases.  
Internet Advertising Continues Growing 
According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s 2009 report, internet spending revenues totaled six billion dollars the recent fiscal quarter. That’s a 17-percent increase from the same period in 2009. Online legal advertising connects our clients to new business and gives start-up firms a competitive edge against more established legal service companies.

Law Firm Website Development Services


The increase in Internet use has changed the way people socialize, read the news and find services. Our clean, advanced design approach, combined with search engine marketing, has positioned ourself as a leader in creating a successful online presence for legal professions. Law Promo has successfully offered internet legal marketing solutions to our clients as well as powerful and effective web site designs that have met or exceeded their expectations.Law Promo has a solid understanding of what attorneys and law firms need in a successful website.

Our award winning team and dedication to excellence are what make us stand out from other design firms. We understand that your company is unique and we can create a professional custom website that will increase traffic and visibility for your firm. Capturing your potential clients’ immediate attention is crucial. The viewer will judge the professionalism of the firm by the design of the website, making it mandatory to have a professional, attractive look. A well designed site will enhance the appearance of your firm and attract clients.

Law Firm Marketing – Podcast

The mode of delivery differentiates podcasting from other means of accessing media files over the Internet, such as direct download, or streamed webcasting. A list of all the audio or video files currently associated with a given series is maintained centrally on the distributor’s server as a web feed, and the listener or viewer employs special client application software known as a podcatcher that can access this web feed, check it for updates, and download any new files in the series.

Online Legal Marketing by Law Promo Inc

A portion of your law firm marketing campaign begins with the web design of your legal site. Search marketing is one of the most valuable assets to your online marketing campaign and it’s important to understand how it works so that you can maximize your efforts. When your website is ranked, it is not done so by actual people, but rather by robots that crawl the pages of your site to analyze their relevance. Designing your website in a way that makes it easy for the search engines to find it, scan it, and rank it in their results pages increases your chances of having high search rankings, which will ultimately bring in new clients for your firm.