Jeffrey and Jeffrey, Attorneys at Law

One critical element of lawyer website marketing is identity branding, particularly in the form of professional attorney logo design. Having your law firm’s name and image branded is beneficial for many reasons including reputation building and boosted law firm marketing conversion rates. That is precisely why Jeffrey and Jeffrey approached Law Promo when they decided to use identity branding to take their attorney online marketing to the next level. The logo Law Promo designed combines classic black text styling with a catchy and unique logo image utilizing the lettering in the firm’s initials in a creative custom design. The logo image is memorable, helping to brand the firm’s name with the help of a visual image.

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English and Associates, PLLC

Attorney website marketing that focuses on strong image branding must be centered around a strategic law firm logo that solidifies a visual image with the name of the firm. As this becomes more and more important for law offices in their marketing efforts, more firms are turning to professionals for their attorney logo design needs. That is why English and Associates turn to Law Promo for their lawyer logo expertise. The logo Law Promo was able to create for them fuses classic font styling with a unique red, black and grey color scheme that truly sets the firm apart and creates a lasting image in the minds of those who see it, including potential clients of the firm.

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Amucha and Associates, Attorneys at Law

Law Promo was able to provide Amucha and Associates with custom professional law office logo work to kickstart their attorney website marketing as well as boost their reputation in the legal community and with new clients. The resulting logo design utilizes a grey scale color scheme and combines bold block font with rounded, modern font for just the first initials of the firm’s name. This contrast draws the eye as the rounded shape complements the ampersand, which serves as the logo image and as the lightest color in the design, serves to create depth in the design. The overall logo design conveys professionalism in its clean and attractive appeal.

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Scott Judd, LLP

One of the most important aspects of successful attorney online marketing is branding, and that is why many attorneys are hiring professionals to design them a lawyer logo that sets their firm apart and powerfully markets their legal services to prospects. Scott Judd approached Law Promo when they too decided that they could boost their marketing by having their own branded image. The resulting logo design utilizes a medium grey color scheme and features classic, clean font styling with a unique, custom logo image that plays on the lettering in the firm’s initials and turns them into a memorable and catchy design. This conveys professionalism yet modern edginess in the design work.

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Duncan and Associates

Duncan and Associates approached Law Promo in search of experts in law firm logo design in an effort to brand their firm and set their attorneys apart in their attorney website marketing efforts and in the legal community in general. The resulting logo is catchy and professional, with an edgy design image. The logo text font is bold and strong, using a grey scale color scheme that parallels that of the logo image. The image is made from the firm’s initials, playing on the form of the lowercase “D” to form an “at” symbol to imply an “A” for the second word of the firm’s name. Subtle coloring work in the logo image creates an illusion of light, making the image even more captivating.

Our full law office logo designs can be seen here in our portfolio.

Law Office of Richard Pierce

Image branding is becoming a more and more important part of law firm marketing including lawyer website marketing, which is why many firms are looking toward a professional law office logo to help brand their name. Richard Pierce approached Law Promo for that very reason and Law Promo was able to design a professional attorney logo that is both memorable and classic. The logo design pairs classic font styling in a pleasing grey color scheme with a unique logo image formed from the initials of the firm’s name. A fine, light grey vertical line separating the image from the text helps to provide balance and smooths the movement of the eye from left to right across the design.

Please feel free to browse more of our law office logo design work in our full portfolio.

Khenkin and Sauchik, Attorneys at Law

Khenkin and Sauchik approached Law Promo in need of attorney logo design experts to help brand their law firm and solidify their place in the legal community. The resulting logo design is professional yet captivating, with a light grey backdrop that both borders and offsets the logo text and image design. The classic, bold black font of the text is contrasted by the outline font style of the ampersand in the firm’s name, drawing the eye across the words pleasantly. The overall logo design is powerful, conveying a professional image of the law firm and its attorneys.

To view more samples of our lawyer logo design work, please see our full portfolio.

Mandel and Mandel, LLP

Attorney website marketing has many facets, one of which is image branding, a strategy accomplished most crucially by a unique law office logo. Branding has great potential for any business, but for attorneys specifically, having a professional attorney logo design creates an image association in the minds of your potential prospects and can drastically increase conversions. That is why Mandel and Mandel approached Law Promo for their attorney logo expertise. The resulting logo Law Promo designed for them is striking and professional, effectively conveying the strength of their legal services. It combines modern text styling with the classic imagery of courthouse columns in a unique logo design that is both memorable and powerful.