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Intellectual Property Law Firm Case Study - AraMarks IP

About the firm:

AraMarks Intellectual Property is not a law firm; it is the IP arm of Sultan Al-Abdulla & Partners (SAP), the leading law firm in Qatar. In the real world, the race to excellence has no finish line. This is our motto at AraMarks IP as we pursue professional excellence. Our relations with our clients (owners & associates) is a never-ending interaction aiming to integrate the IP capital in their global strategies and to exploit it efficiently and effectively in their operations.

As an international intellectual property law firm, AraMarks works closely with top world associates. With experience in expanding our services to other parts of the world, we have been able to boost the quality of our work. Our approach to intellectual property maintenances and portfolio management is to provide professional excellence. We maintain great working relations with our clients and continuously aim to improve our global strategies.

Web Design



AraMarks is one of our international clients. Located in the State of Qatar, this website is a great example of how Law Promo can help you no matter where you are located. Just because you are across an ocean, it doesn’t mean our services are unavailable. Law Promo has worked with clients all over the world to create great looking law firm websites.

This website utilizes shades of blue, and a grey gradient background. In the header are the firm’s logo, and a button for, linking to the parent company of the firm (also designed by Law Promo). The slider contains thought-provoking images and reassuring messages from the firm. Potential clients can use the navigation menu to quickly find the area they are looking for.

The content area is broken into three columns, so visitors can gain a comprehensive view of the firm and website. With clear divisions for the practice areas, overview and contact information, potential clients are able to quickly learn more and contact the firm.

The team at Law Promo worked with AraMarks and Qatar Law to provide a network of websites that help to unify the company and provide an online home for the brand.

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