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Personal Injury Law Firm Case Studies - The Allen Law Firm

About the firm:

Our personal injury lawyers obtain financial compensation for clients who have been injured or lost loved ones as the result of negligence or wrongful conduct by others.

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The website for the Allen Law Firm features a great layout, straightforward navigation and is fully responsive, with optimal experiences on desktops, phones and tablets.

The first thing one might notice when visiting the site is the full page background featuring a courthouse and a vibrant blue sky. At the top of the page a navigation bar allows for potential clients to connect with the content they need. On smaller screens, this transforms into a drop down menu.

The firm name of the firm is clearly visible, and a contact number encourages visitors to call for a free case evaluation. Next is an image slider, featuring beautiful images of the California coast.

One unique thing about this site is its large icons for practice areas. Instead of a simple list, these icons help to create a visual connection with users. Rather than shrinking or disappearing altogether on smaller screens, these icons are stacked on top of each other, letting users scroll with the drag of a thumb.

Below is the content area, telling visitors a little bit more about the firm and what kinds of areas they practice. On the right hand side, a contact form permits users to enter their information at any time, encouraging communications.

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